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John 13:34

Did You Know?

In Your Lifetime,

You will Care for a Spouse,

Parent, or Need Care Yourself.

Walk with Me and

Learn to Manage Health,

Finances, and Family

At A Moment's Notice.

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I wrote this book as me, sitting across the table from you, just talking. So, get comfortable as you read my heartfelt, funny stories about what I learned and lessons you will appreciate for meaningful care.

You'll identify with the circumstances and characters in my story—the personalities, financial challenges, time and distance constraints—and realize how each parent, child, sibling, and spouse can provide their unique touch.


If you’re like me, you know your family will be watching. So, your care will be an example for the generation that will care for you. I’ll reveal the preparations I wish our parents had made to make it easier so you can rethink your own plans. Today you may be caring alone or have family support but know that I’ve walked this path and offer a lamp for your journey.

Psalm 118:24


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Walk With Me to Plan Effectively

  • Discuss Your Wishes for a Healthy Life and Care
  • Prepare Important Papers
  • Share Instructions with Your Family

I Cor 14:40

Plan Today for Tomorrow's Peace of Mind

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Walk With Me to Live Life Fully

Engage with Family and Friends

Enjoy A Meaningful Lifestyle

Maintain Independence

Jeremiah 33:3

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Elderly care - hands, bouquet

Walk With Me to

Care Compassionately

Experience Exceptional

Healthcare By

Developing Partnerships

Psalm 145:8-9

Find the Right Care

At the Right Time

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Walk With Me in Family Harmony

Navigate Relationships

Extended Family, Parent, Spouse, Siblings

Start A Conversation

Transitioning Finances,

Living Alone, Caregivers,


Phil. 2:3-4

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Walk with Me to Minister Wholly

Teaching Families a Biblical Model of Care

Strengthing Families in Crisis

Preparing Families for

End-of-Life Planning

Bible Study

Developing a Unique Ministry to

Caregivers and Families

Psalm 143:10

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Catherine Fitzhugh

About the Author

Catherine was born in Fort Worth, Texas, but grew up in South Florida. Her parents were in ministry, so she developed a love for people and for God. She also loved her career as an educator, then administrator that spanned 30 years. Catherine and her husband, Clayton, moved to California and Texas for his career where she continued in school administration.

Because of her mother's health, Catherine cut her career short and began assisting her father with care. Then when her father was stricken with Huntington’s disease, her parents moved to live with them. Her book, 'Walk with Me: Caring, Living, and Planning Well for Aging Parents' is a result of her experiences and what she learned.

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